As you take your last breath, you notice you are still alive as your soul rises out of your dead body. Do you know what will happen to you?

When you die, will you be surprised to discover you have a soul?

Many people report near-death experiences (NDE). However, NDEs come from unconscious people. Their stories often contradict one another. For example, some stories are about Jesus in the Bible. In contrast, other stories support the belief in reincarnation or New Age beliefs.

What is the meaning of life?
Christian NDE
Expect to live forever
New Age NDE

Consider how NDE stories from differing viewpoints contradict one another. The New Testament directly contradicts reincarnation based on this biblical passage. “… it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment …” Heb. 9:27.

Also, the biblical texts teach about heaven and hell. In contrast, reincarnation beliefs do not include ideas about heaven and hell. Logic strongly suggests NDEs should not to be trusted as a source of spiritual truth.

If you believe that NDEs explain the meaning of life, then logic would suggest there are many versions of ultimate reality! For sure, the spiritual realm will not contradict itself!

How can we know what is true about ultimate reality? For example, can we set up a scientific experiment and get test results to confirm the true reality of our being?

We define faith from the fact that “no one can set up a scientific experiment to verify that God exists, or that God does not exist!” Is there a way around this issue?

Consider a cutting-edge method based on logic, the exact science of astronomy, and how the writings of ancient authors that line up with the positions of the sun, the moon, and the Earth corroborate they wrote accurate historical accounts.

Can You Foretell the Future?

No one can predict what will happen on an exact date, centuries into the future. Consider how liberal scholars view books of the Bible with passages that foretell the future. These scholars claim that someone wrote that book after the events. For example, in the gospel of Luke, Jesus foretells of the coming destruction of Herod’s Temple and Jerusalem. These people claim that someone recorded Luke on paper after AD 70, which is when Roman armies burned down the city. However, problems abound with this view.

Luke predicts events that happen long after AD 70. If you read all of Jesus’ words recorded in Luke 21, you find two other things that take millennia. For example, Jesus predicted the dispersal of the Jewish people around the world for an unknown time. Then, near the time of the second coming of Christ, the Jewish people would return to their homeland. Then the Jewish people would regain control of Jerusalem again. This long term prediction takes place 1,897 years after AD 70, which confronts liberal views.

What is the meaning of life?
More evidence you can expect to live forever!
Jesus’ prophetic words fulfilled 1,935 Years After Jesus Prophesied

Now the key that reveals, “What is the meaning of life?”

As you read on, you discover that the prophetic events had to occur with God-like control of many humans. When we isolate the evidence of divine governance, it appears that God guides people to cause the predicted events to line up in a way that we can learn about, “What is the meaning of life?”

Predicting Events
Six Centuries into the Future

Liberal scholars change the composition date for the book of Daniel. These critics of Daniel think someone wrote Daniel about 165 BC. They base their viewpoint on how well the events surround the life of Antiochus IV Epiphanes (216 to 164 BC), of whom Daniel’s passages foretold. Since the oldest copy of Daniel discovered at the Dead Sea Scrolls sites dates to 125 BC, the liberal scholars must use a date before 125 BC.

Did Daniel foretell of specific future events that happened after 165 BC?

Daniel’s time-based prophecy shows that the texts predict the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by a foreign army. Consider the predictive texts.

“… the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary (Herod’s Temple)… ” Dan. 9:26b.

Again, Roman troops burned down Herod’s Temple in AD 70, which is 235 years after the composition date selected by liberal scholars. Therefore, the liberal scholar’s viewpoint does not align with historical events. Intellectually honest people question the flawed position held by liberal scholars. These scholars cling to a weak view of the Bible, despite the fact that the foretold events occurred centuries into the future.

Evidence of a Transcendent Being

If you accept the biblical texts, Daniel’s passages claim the prophet received the words in 538 BC. However, Herod’s Temple burned down 608 years in the future. The writings foretold the precise event of Romans burning down Herod’s Temple, hundreds of years into the future.

Whether you accept the liberal scholar’s view or the literal viewpoint of Daniel, the texts predict the future hundreds of years ahead of time.

If you read the research in the Expect to Live Forever book series, you will discover that it is easy to find the precise date on which Romans burned down Herod’s Temple. A literature search reveals that scholars living at the time of Napoleon in the eighteenth century, correctly isolated the precise date of that event on Sunday, August 5, AD 70. Logic, eyewitness accounts, and the exact science of astronomy validate this date. Moreover, many modern-day scholars agree with this precise date! Why?

Two people living at that time support that Herod’s Temple burned down on a Sunday. We know the day of the week, which is required to get the exact date. One of the persons taught others of the Sunday destruction date. Moreover, both people wrote of burning down that temple ten days after a new moon. Therefore, large numbers of logical people agree with Sunday, August 5, AD 70, as the only date for this event.

This event turns out to be very thought-provoking. We stumble on the idea that God had to control activities to cause the Roman destruction to happen on that exact date. I must emphasize that using logic and astronomy reveal these ideas.

Controlling Human Events

Why is the precise date important?

Because the precise date of destroying Herod’s Temple reveals the time-based texts have hidden 14,000 days in Daniel’s time-based prophecy. You will only learn of the 14,000 days by isolating all the events foretold in the time-oriented passages that predict future events centuries into the future. Does the 14,000 days phenomenon support a transcendent Being revealed the texts?

Moreover, no one has found the 14,000 days hidden in the time-based passages until the modern era. Would the hidden period be a fulfillment of Daniel’s words that include timing events close to the biblical end times? Consider the text.

But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase” (Dan. 12:4).

Repeating Periods of 14,000 Days
The Prevalence of God-Like Control
of Human Events

If you read the research in the Expect to Live Forever book series, you will discover that 14,000-day alignments began at the time of Moses. Then the 14,000-day cycles began repeating year after year since the destruction of Solomon’s Temple. Romans burning down Herod’s Temple turns out to be the 655th cycle of 14,000 days. Daniel’s time-based texts foretold of this 655th cycle, hundreds of years before God brought it to pass.

Should you be surprised that both Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple burned down on a final 14,000th day alignment?

Consider this relevant question. Why would God control the day for burning down both Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple to an exact date?

Near the beginning of this essay, we learned of Jesus’ words about the Jewish people retaking Jerusalem on June 6 to 7, 1967. Also, that this predicted event would occur sometime before the second coming of Christ. Research reveals a 14,000 days alignment to a prophetic date that symbolizes the second coming of Christ! The 14,000th day turns out to be the Feast of Trumpets, which in the New Testament symbolizes Jesus’ second coming.

Feast of Trumpets Symbolizes the Return of Jesus (Luke 21:7 sign, 24b fulfillment)

The sequence of repeating 14,000 days reveal a great deal about the question, “What is the meaning of life?”

Do You Want to Discover
and Know Eternal Life?

Do you question the Bible?

The research materials in the Expect to Live Forever book series bring the biblical texts alive from the time of Moses into the 21st century. Are you prepared to discover that you have an eternal soul that will live forever?

The phenomenon described in the Eternal Life book isolates what is real and what is false about every belief system on planet Earth. Will your personal beliefs prove viable when you look into the eyewitness accounts, the exact science of astronomy, and the use of logic to find spiritual truth?

In the Eternal Life book, logic and evidence support the Creator transcends time and space. Since no one can foretell of specific future events that must happen on an exact date, centuries into the future, we unveil evidence for a Being that transcends space-time.

A transcendent Being knows all future events because the Creator transcends time! Do you want to live forever as your soul rises out of your physical body at the instant of death?

If God controlled events in ancient times, are you willing to discover that current events appear to be ordered, even as you read these texts?

Are you ready to discover knowledge and wisdom about the meaning of life and that you can expect to live forever?

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