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In an era of rapidly growing concern about the end times, Christians today, more than ever, need the trustworthy information contained in this “Expect to Live Forever” book series. I believe you will find John Zachary’s extensive research and conclusions to be thought-provoking and exciting as we anticipate the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Frank
Southern Baptist Convention

The knowledge in this “Expect to Live Forever” book series stirs my mind, my heart, my imagination, and my soul. We have known for years that God has placed various keys in the scriptures to understand the end-time prophecies. John Zachary uses these keys to unlock these mysteries in a way that is understandable, sensible, and believable.

Dr. Jim Diehl
General Superintendent Emeritus
Church of the Nazarene

If you like Inspirational Christian Mystery, you will be captivated by these factual stories. My father knew the author and of his deep secret about the book of Revelation. I urge you to take the time to read all of John Zachary’s books.

Nancy – daughter of Jim in the Dedication
Found in Secrets – never heard until now – of the Book of Revelation