Atheists claim that evolution explains everything. They believe that life on Earth is the result of solar energy aiding the weakest of cells to begin, then to evolve. However, there are two issues that Atheists cannot answer. Here is the primary factual problem. “Evolution is pointless without a universe!” For sure, the emboldened sentence is a fact, not a hypothesis.

In contrast, the view that biological life is formed by random chance comes from assumptions. Thus, for example, more than six decades of research have failed to create a repeatable test that would reveal how non-living matter self-assembled into a living cell of the lowest kind. People who teach that evolution is a fact base their viewpoint on assumptions.

Back to the fact that evolution is pointless without a universe. Ponder that Stephen Hawking claimed to have a solution to how the universe began without God. Also, he based his view on imagination only. As you read this information, you will discover a human error in Stephen Hawking’s daydream, which he called the no-boundary universe. We logically ask, please reveal, “How did the universe begin?”

Stephen Hawking New Atheism adherent imagined the no-boundary universe. However, Stephen Hawking's view contains human error based on known and verifiable science. New Atheism led to Stephen Hawking's deception. Read Secrets - never heard until now - of the Book of Revelation as I write about Stephen Hawking's soul as it rose out of his deceased body.
Stephen Hawking – flaws in the no-boundary universe hypothesis

The Atheist Quest to find an Eternal Natural Universe

Consider Stephen Hawking’s “No Boundary Universe” hypothesis. In a nutshell, Hawking proposed the source of our universe is from a mother universe that is infinite, without boundaries for time, space and matter. Moreover, the so-called mother universe creates multitudes of universes. We got lucky since we live in a universe that permitted life on the Earth to evolve by random chance events.

If you research the no-boundary universe, you will discover that Hawking concluded that time is non-existent for the Mother universe. It becomes apparent that Hawking realized the most significant flaw in the no-boundary universe: time is eternal. So, again, time into eternity past is a fact, not an assumption. In contrast, to believe, without any supporting data, that time is non-existent for the so-called mother universe is fantasy, not fact.

Let’s assume there is a mother universe that creates multitudes of other universes, including our universe. Each time a universe gets started, the mother universe loses mass and energy. However, time is never affected by the creation of each universe. As you read through this essay, you will discover that time is the nemesis of both Agnostic and Atheist worldviews.

For this mother universe to be eternal, there must be infinite mass and energy available. However, the real issue is the loss of mass and energy with each newly created universe, which continually reduces the amount of mass and energy until it is no more. Therefore, for this mother universe to be eternal, mass and energy must be replaced. Therefore, anyone who believes in the multiverse must answer this fundamental question:

Do Mass and Energy get Replaced When each Universe gets Created?

If you answer yes, then your viewpoint disregards the laws of thermodynamics. Why?

Science verifies that everything in our universe runs down. Also, if you answer yes, you are taking a position that the mother universe is above natural law. To the point, “above natural law” is the same as saying the word, “supernatural.” Therefore, the mother universe would logically point to the universe as God. Thus, the logical progression of thought for credible scientists, who acknowledge the decay of the universe, requires the Universe to be God. This progression in thought appears to be the conclusion of Albert Einstein, who reasoned to a Pantheist view of God (meaning the physical universe is spiritual).

Evidence that Pantheism is False

  • NOTE: Scientific dating, the only time-based prophecy, confronts Pantheism. Why?
  • A Pantheist view of God entails an entity that does not transcend time, space, and matter. Such an entity would not be able to know of future events in great detail. Therefore, if we have evidence that ancient texts foretold of specific future events that must happen on an exact date, centuries into the future, then we have evidence of a Being that transcends the universe.
  • Scientific dating Daniel’s time-based prophecy reveals a that ancient events were predicted to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future. Research corroborates evidence of a Creator that transcends the universe and knows all future events in great detail. As a result, the belief in Pantheistic views fails credibility.
  • If you want proof of a transcendent Being, please read John Zachary’s Expect to Live Forever book series.

The Hardline Atheist Answer

Let’s now consider the staunch viewpoint that God does not exist (the Atheist worldview). Do mass and energy get replaced each time the mother universe creates another universe?

The Atheist must respond that the lost energy and mass never get replaced. They believe, by blind faith, that the mother universe is infinite and does away with the supernatural.

Such a person chooses to ignore the laws of thermodynamics, the decaying and death of every universe, even if it is infinite.

Below is a chart to help sort out the issue at hand. We have four columns with the following headings:

  • Universe Number X created
  • Is energy affected?
  • Is mass affected?
  • Is time Effected

(For clarity, each time a universe gets created in the multiverse, how does the creation of each universe affect energy, mass, and time?)

Universe No. X CreatedIs Energy Affected?Is Mass Affected?Is Time Effected?
Infinite universesEnergy Decreases infinitelyMass Decreases infinitelyNo Effect on Time
Creating multitudes of universes
never affects time

Conclusion: Time is the Nemesis of both Agnostic and Atheistic Worldviews

The table above reveals that mass and energy will continually decrease. In contrast, time is eternal and would never be affected by the creation of multitudes of universes. Therefore, we conclude that Stephen Hawking’s no boundary universe is flawed.

Logic and Science Corroborate the Supernatural Realm

Logic and science support the following credible premise.

The natural universe cannot exist without a source that is eternal and infinite.

The laws of thermodynamics lead to the conclusion that the source of the universe is not subject to natural law. Therefore, logic and science lead to the premise:

The natural universe cannot exist without a supernatural source.

The study of time and science logically requires the existence of the source of the universe not to be controlled by natural law. Given the validity of this fact, we logically arrive at the following question:

Should we expect to observe supernatural events (miracles) or the existence of spiritual beings in our universe?

The logical answer is YES.

Intellectual Flaws in Atheist Thought

Atheism requires a natural universe to be eternal. In contrast, known science will never support a never-ending natural cosmos with infinite mass and energy. For example, the sun will stop emitting light in the distant future. Indeed, every heavenly light will also stop producing light. Thus, the universe has an expiration date. We learn that the top-level Atheist thinkers want you to believe in an eternal natural world, equal to God. The natural universe must be immortal for Atheism to be a valid viewpoint!

Ranking the Importance of Evolution to Explain Life in the Universe

To help you understand the logic of ranking, here is a summary of the top rank to the lower rank value of the idea that evolution explains why we exist.

  1. How did the universe begin? is the top-ranking issue.
    Atheists cannot answer this question.
  2. Do we have test data that proves non-living matter self-assembled into low level living cells?
    No data exists to answer this question. We only know of poorly formulated assumptions by people who choose to ignore the spiritual reality. Until we have data, it is a fact that non-living matter cannot self-assemble into living cells of the most simple kind.
  3. The blind belief that evolution explains life on the Earth, without God.
    Rank three is an assumption, not fact as taught into secular universities all over the world.

Atheists cannot answer the rank one issue. How did the universe begin?”

Please note that the chart above logically leads to the factual conclusion:  “Time is the Nemesis of both Agnostic and Atheistic Worldviews.”

Whether you agree or not, science reveals that all-natural universes cannot sustain themselves. Albert Einstein would agree!

Consider the rank two issues as defined: “No scientists have test data that proves non-living matter self-assembled into living cells!”

Maybe atheists will find an answer to the second rank issue. If you ever find the solution, please provide the test data. More than six decades of research show that scientists continue in their failed attempts. We only hear one thing. “We are in the dark!”

Let’s be sure you understand! The rank two-level problem requires an answer. “How did non-living matter self-assemble into living cells?”

I strongly suggest that evolution explains life is based only on the conjecture of people who choose to ignore the mounting evidence of the spiritual reality.

Consider the rank three issues defined by the statement. “The belief that evolution explains life on the Earth, without God.”

Explaining life on the Earth with evolution only, requires blind faith. We discern it is a feeble viewpoint due to the facts in the rank one and the rank two-level issues. Even if scientists had data to validate that evolution explains life on Earth, the rank one issue would remain unanswered forever. The bottom line is that every natural thing comes to an end.

Let me remind you of the primary fact, evolution is pointless without a universe.

Expect to Live Forever Book Series!

In contrast with Atheism, we know that the supernatural realm is eternal. Scientific data and principles support the following premise.

The natural universe cannot exist without a supernatural source!

Both logic and science-based data strongly suggest that you read John Zachary’s “Expect to Live Forever” book series. This book series reveals the evidence that you can expect to live forever! Indeed, we find proof equal to finding life under the microscope. Why?

Scientific dating of Daniel’s time-based prophecy shows that the passages foretold specific events that had to occur on an exact date, hundreds of years into the future. Also, the analysis reveals God-like control of humans to cause specific future events to take place on a precise future date. Hence, we unveil evidence of transcendent knowledge that the existence of a transcendent Being can only explain! But, I must add, the proof lies in the tasting of the spiritual realm. That is why I wrote, “Secrets – never heard until now – of the Book of Revelation.”

We define “FAITH” as the inability to set up a science-based experiment to prove that God exists or that God does not exist. In contrast, foretelling of specific events that will occur on an exact date, centuries into the future, is the method that does not require a scientific experiment. The underlying reason is that no created entity can foretell the future of specific events to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future. To accentuate the idea, “Can you tell me the future events on the date, February 7, 2525?”

Stephen Hawking’s Flawed “No-Boundary Universe” Hypothesis

Time is the archenemy of the no-boundary universe idea. Time into eternity past is credible. In contrast, losses of energy and mass into eternity past will not hold up relative to the passage of time. Therefore, infinite time into eternity past reveals the flaw in the no-boundary hypothesis. Put differently, no one will debate time into eternity past, but the loss of energy and mass into eternity history is debatable. If you have to debate and argue this viewpoint, then you don’t have a valid argument.

Every logical person can conclude that only time is limitless. Therefore, human error is the flaw in Stephen Hawking’s thoughts, which rely entirely on flawed imagination!

Also, we have absolutely zero scientific data to support what Stephen Hawking proposed as a replacement for God. If you want the evidence that validates you should expect to live forever, please read John Zachary’s book series entitled “Expect to Live Forever!”


Your logic in regards to refuting Atheism is excellent. Can’t refute it.
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