Sir Robert Anderson wrote The Coming Prince, in 1894. Imagine that more than 125 years later, people continue to buy and read this Christian classic. Why?

Because Anderson gives most readers in-depth views of Daniel’s time-based prophecy. However, scholars disagree with his conclusions. Then many scholars do an about-face and laud him for making Daniel’s prophecy easy to understand. Are the scholars confused?

Can we find materials to clarify the research in The Coming Prince?

After years of study, I have found evidence to bring clarity to the issues. If you read the New Testament, you know about the sect called the Pharisees. After Romans burned down Herod’s Temple, the Pharisees wrote their oral traditions into the Mishnah. Many of the statements in the Mishnah support Anderson’s views.

Also, the positions of the sun, the moon, and the Earth verify the Mishnah statements. The scholars that wrote the Mishnah reveal how people did things when Jesus walked the Earth. Science-based facts validate the Mishnah statements. In a nutshell, we discover how those ancient people practiced their calendars. Their methods annul the false views held by modern-day scholars. Sir Robert Anderson truly knew his stuff.

I have recorded the evidence from the Mishnah in book three, Beyond – The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson. Or you may choose to read the same research in book two, Eternal Life – Why you should expect to live forever (book two excludes the math, charts, and appendices)!

Did Daniel’s Texts
Predict the Future?

As you read book three in the Expect to Live Forever series, you discover evidence of God-like control of humans. For example, the time-oriented texts predict the destruction of Herod’s Temple. This event must happen on an exact date. The only way to get this result would be by controlling humans and even the weather.

Perhaps you are thinking, “No one can find the exact date of Romans burning down Herod’s Temple!”

In truth, it is one of the most straightforward events to find the precise date. I found the exact date back in 1986 by studying the writings of Josephus. Also, I am not the only person to isolate the correct time and to know there is only one answer. If this is true, other people will get the exact date.

I recently searched to find out who else calculated the same date as myself. Do you recall the French Revolution in the eighteenth century?

At that time, many people thought Napoleon might be the Antichrist. People studied the book of Daniel. They decided to calculate the date that Romans burned down Herod’s Temple. They used logic and astronomy. In 1798, they published the precise time for burning down Herod’s Temple. Those scholars agree with all my calculations for events in the year AD 70.

Today, scholars agree with people that lived in 1798. We know that Romans burned down Herod’s Temple on Sunday, August 5, AD 70. [Ref: Handbook of Biblical Chronology, Dr. Jack Finegan, Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California]. If you want to know how easy it is to calculate, please watch video 1 or 5 by clicking here.

How do We Know?

We have two eyewitness reports that reveal both Herod’s Temple and Solomon’s Temple burned down on a Sunday. These details permit us to find the only correct date.

Perhaps you do not agree with the Sunday, August 5th date because of what other people think and write. For example, some people claim the event had to occur on August 10. That date is not credible for two reasons.

First, in AD 70, August 10 happens on a Friday. However, the event occurred on a Sunday.  Therefore, we reject August 10 as a possible date.

Second, there must be ten days from a New Moon to the Sunday on which Herod’s Temple burned down. All ancient authors record the incident did occur on the tenth day of the Hebrew calendar month called Ab.

NASA lunar data shows that the New Moon happened on July 26, several hours before the sun came up in Jerusalem.  The first day of the month began at sunset on July 26. Then, when the sunset on Saturday, August 4, AD 70, the tenth day of the month started. That day ended at sundown on Sunday, August 5, AD 70. According to Josephus, Romans set fire to Herod’s Temple on that Sunday afternoon, before the sunset.

The Impact of Knowing
the Correct Date!

Why is it so important to know the precise date that Herod’s Temple burned down?

We discover many reasons why this is highly relevant.

As you read the research, you will discover the fact that Herod’s Temple burned down on the final 14,000th day in the time-oriented passages. The incident strongly suggests this was a controlled event. A divine hand had to guide humans to cause this event to happen on that very date. Also, we know that someone recorded the texts on paper from hundreds of years before.

Add to this fact that the research unveils four series of 14,000 days hidden deep in the passages of the Bible. The last observed 14,000 days end in the 21st century. We discern that God predicts, then controls when future events will happen, even to an exact date. Why?

I will let you find why these 14,000 days sequences are necessary by asking you to read the books. However, it is even more important to point out that this evidence reveals the existence of a transcendent Being, who knows all future events. This evidence also shows that God reveals the purpose of life to humanity. Why?

Sacrificial Offerings
What is True or False?

The primary purpose of the time-based prophecy is that the Messiah will die as a sacrificial offering. For example, Daniel 9:24 reveals the reason for this time-based prophecy. Please understand, I am putting a number before each event that links to the biblical concept of a sacrificial offering.

  1. “Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people (Jewish people) and your holy city (Jerusalem), to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity (a sacrificial offering), ….” (Dan. 9:24).

Then we discover that the texts foretell Messiah will be the sacrificial offering.

  1. “…the Messiah will be cut off (the crucifixion event) and have nothing…” (Dan. 9:26).

Then the passages show that someone in the future would destroy both Jerusalem and the temple. Please understand, the prophecy indicates that the Messiah must appear before the destruction of Jerusalem that happened in AD 70.

  1. “… and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary (the temple)” (Dan. 9:26).

If you review the numbers from one to three above, we summarize the three sacrificial issues. Based on my research, I conclude that no one has understood the importance of burning down of Herod’s Temple, until now.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Validated by Burning Down Herod’s Temple

What was the use/purpose of Herod’s Temple?

Jewish people built that temple for spiritual purposes. They sacrificed animals to become accepted by God, which they did according to the Old Testament.

In Christianity, Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice. Daniel’s time-based texts foretell of Jesus (Dan. 9:24, 26). The sacrificial death of Jesus replaced the Old Testament. Could it be that the burning down of Herod’s Temple on the 14,000th day validates Jesus’ death and rising from the dead?

We have three references to sacrificing that reveal coherence in Daniel’s time-based texts. In summary, Daniel recorded the purpose as sacrificial, then foretold of Jesus sacrifice, then of the burning down of Herod’s Temple where Old Testament sacrifices were done.

This research reveals that the time-based texts in Daniel foretold of the specific incident of Romans burning down Herod’s Temple on an exact date, centuries into the future. No one can predict specific future events that will happen at a definite time, hundreds of years into the future. What can we learn from this evidence?

Burning down Herod’s Temple took place on the final 14,000th day. God had to control events to make this happen. Therefore, Jesus replaces the Old Testament system. Are you ready to discover eternal life?

Why Foretelling Specific Events on an Exact Date from Centuries before, is Important?

In Islam, the Qur’an claims that Jesus did not get crucified. How does the Qur’an compare to Daniel’s time-based texts?

First, the Qur’an does not foretell of specific events that will occur on precise dates, centuries into the future. We discern that the source of the Qur’anic texts comes from a being that time and space control. Therefore, the spiritual being that revealed the Qur’an to Mohammad is not the Creator of the universe. Logic demands that we declare that Allah, as revealed in the Qur’an, is a spiritual deceiver.

Scriptures that foretell of specific future events to occur on precise times, centuries into the future must come from a Being, who exists outside the control of time and space. Now we can discern and isolate spiritual truth for the End-Times. This evidence shows the weak footing of non-Christian worldviews. This knowledge provides a foundation for global evangelism relative to all other belief systems, including Atheism.

If you genuinely want to dive deep into the evidence that validates Sir Robert Anderson, please read book three in the Expect to Live Forever book series, titled, Beyond – The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson.

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