Atheist believers claim that evolution explains everything. That life on earth is the result of solar energy enabling life to begin, then evolve on the Earth. But there are two higher ranking issues that the Atheist community cannot answer.

Consider this idea: “Evolution is meaningless without a universe!” For sure, the universe must exist before evolution can even be considered. Therefore, please reveal how the world began?

Atheists do not have a scientifically plausible answer. Consider why!

Atheism does not accept or believe in a supernatural realm. The entire viewpoint of Atheism requires a natural universe or an unknown sequence of natural worlds to be eternal. For sure, our universe is dying. It cannot sustain itself. The universe has an expiration date.

What if there are other natural universes?

Like it not, science reveals that each and every natural universe cannot sustain itself. This is the evidence that outranks the idea that evolution explains life on earth.

The rank one level issue for atheists is to reveal “How did the universe begin?”

The second rank issue for Atheist is to provide a scientific explanation how non-living matter self-assembled into living cells?

More than six decades of research show that the scientific community continues to attempt to find an answer. However, we only hear, “We are in the dark!”

The rank two-level issue for atheists is to reveal “How did non-living matter self-assemble into living cells?”

Finally, the rank three-level viewpoint is that evolution explains life on earth. In truth, blind faith is required to accept this extremely weak viewpoint. Even if it could be shown that evolution explains life on earth, the rank one issue will never be answered by Atheism. The bottom line is that each and every natural thing comes to an end.

Let me remind you, evolution is meaningless without a universe.

The Answer to Your Existence!

In contrast with the Atheist worldview, we know that the supernatural realm is eternal, without beginning or end. The dying universe is no issue for transcendent beliefs. The logic and science-based information above strongly suggest that you read John Zachary’s “expect to live forever” book series. This series reveals substantial evidence that you can expect to live forever! This evidence is equal to finding life under the microscope.


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