I have been researching biblical prophecy related to end times for about forty-six years. This research began when the Holy Spirit anointed me just prior to preaching a sermon on the second coming of Christ. I was twenty years old when that happened to me. You can read about this prophetic calling in Secrets – never heard until now – of the Book of Revelation. Moreover, I based the research on what Sir Robert Anderson wrote in The Coming Prince. He originally published The Coming Prince in 1894.

In recent years, I have found evidence in the Mishnah (the oral tradition of the Pharisees) to validate Sir Robert Anderson’s calculations. Moreover, positions of the sun, the moon, and the Earth validate the Mishnah statements. People who wrote¬†the Mishnah statements related to the ancient calendars are supported by the exact science of astronomy. This makes the evidence rock solid and validates Sir Robert Anderson’s calculations.

The Coming Prince shows Sir Robert Anderson’s calculations on Daniel’s 70 weeks. I found only a minor mistake in The Coming Prince, which I corrected. I write in-depth about this evidence in the “Expect to Live Forever” book series. If you are looking for a way to validate Sir Robert Anderson books, please consider reading the title, Beyond – The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson, which is volume 3 in the Expect to Live Forever book series.

By the way, if you want an easier read without the sophisticated materials, then volume 2 titled, Eternal Life – Why you should expect to live forever is recommended. These books will be released to the public in January 2020. But you can pre-order on Amazon. If you want to listen, then an audiobook is also being created for release in February 2020.

Beyond Sir Robert Anderson Books

After I validate Sir Robert Anderson’s research, I take his studies to new heights. I use ancient astronomy, logic, historical events, scientific dating, with graphs, charts, and numerous appendices. At the foundation, I use Sir Robert Anderson’ calculations. As a result, I am able to show that the book of Daniel with “time-oriented” texts did, in fact, predict specific future events to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future. No human being or other created entity of any type would be able to foretell the future to an exact date, centuries into the future.

In contrast with created beings, only the Creator transcends time and would know the details of specific events on those exact dates, centuries into the future. As a result, this reveals evidence of transcendent knowledge. The Source (a transcendent Being) knows the future in great detail. Why would that be?

Namely, because the Source transcends time and space. The Source exists in the past, the present and the future. In truth, this reveals that Christianity is the most science-based belief system on planet Earth. If you take the time to study and learn these materials, you will be able to show non-Christians that there are flaws in their world-views. This new evidence lays a solid foundation for the growth of the Kingdom of Christ on planet Earth. I suggest this is a foundational reason why you should join the blog list below. Joining will keep you up to date about advanced research related to Sir Robert Anderson books and much, much more.

I have studied Sir Robert Anderson’s, The Coming Prince many times across the years. His views have been downplayed for decades by so-called scholars and researchers. However, the new evidence I uncovered validates Sir Robert Anderson. In contrast, this earth-shattering knowledge shows the poor presuppositions of many scholars and researchers. I have found that scholars and others often blame ancient scribes for human errors. They take that viewpoint since they cannot align their poorly based presuppositions with astronomical data. In truth, their presuppositions are very poorly based; certainly not data-based (“opinion” is the correct word).

Why Investigate Sir Robert Anderson?

If you would like to know WHY I write these materials, please read volume 1 in the “Expect to Live Forever” book series, Secrets – never heard until now – of the Book of Revelation.

You can also put your name into the blog list just below to keep informed of book releases and ministry updates. You can read chapter one for free by logging into your Amazon account, then you can read the first chapter. If you want more evidence in support of Sir Robert Anderson, you will find an overview in the second chapter. The second chapter is a brief overview of what is recorded in either volume 2 or volume 3 of the Expect to Live Forever book series.


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cover; Beyond The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Andersond (volume 3 in the Expect to Live Forever book series).

Author of Inspirational Christian Mysteries with degrees in Math, History, and Education. His work skills include Technical Writer and aerospace Reliability Engineer. In contrast with his earthly skills, he writes mysteries linked to many thousands of spiritual experiences that began at twenty years of age. The most profound incident is a secret about the book of Revelation that he kept to himself for three decades.

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