Sir Robert Anderson wrote the Christian classic, The Coming Prince, in 1894. Imagine that more than 125 years later, people continue to buy and read this Christian classic. Why?

I find it intriguing that scholars disagree with Sir Robert Anderson’s conclusions. However, they laud him for making Daniel’s 70-weeks prophecy easy to understand. Are the scholars correct?

In recent years, I found evidence in the Mishnah (the oral tradition of the Pharisees) to validate Sir Robert Anderson’s analysis and calculations recorded in The Coming Prince. Moreover, positions of the sun, the moon, and the Earth verify the Mishnah statements. The exact science of astronomy supports the people who wrote the Mishnah statements are valid. How those ancient people practiced their calendar validates the research of Sir Robert Anderson.

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Beyond The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson

After I validate Sir Robert Anderson’s research, I take his studies to new heights. I use ancient astronomy, logic, historical events, scientific dating, with graphs, charts, and numerous appendices. As a result, I can show that the time-based texts in the book of Daniel did predict specific future events to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future. We find evidence of transcendent knowledge. The Source (a transcendent Being) knows the future in great detail. No human being or other created entity of any type would be able to foretell the future to an exact date, centuries into the future. Consider some of the findings that verify the texts did forecast the future from hundreds of years before the events.

Daniel’s time-based passages foretell of Roman armies burning down Herod’s Temple, which happened on Sunday, August 5, AD 70. I am not the only person to use the exact science of astronomy and information from eyewitness accounts to isolate this date. For example, Dr. Jack Finegan, in the Handbook of Biblical Chronology, used logic, evidence, and science to get the same time.

Since the Dead Sea Scrolls have eight copies of Daniel and the oldest copy dates to 125 BC, we know the time-based texts foretold the future from many centuries prior. People who accept God hold to the view that Daniel wrote by 530 BC. Rationalists that reject God think that someone wrote Daniel in 165 BC. Regardless of which view you take, the future destruction of Herod’s Temple happens from 235 to 600 years into the future. Hence, substantial evidence that the texts foretell the future.

However, what makes this stand out is the fact that Herod’s Temple burned down by Roman armies on the final 14,000th day in the time-based texts that foretell the future. Add to this fact that the research unveils four series of 14,000 days hidden deep in the passages of the Bible. The evidence shows and supports that the destruction of Herod’s Temple appears to be an event controlled by God. Why?

Sacrificial Offerings

The primary purpose of the time-based prophecy is that the Messiah will die as a sacrificial offering. For example, Daniel 9:24 reveals the reason for this time-based prophecy. Please understand, I am putting a number before each event that links to the biblical concept of a sacrificial offering.

  1. “Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people (Jewish people) and your holy city (Jerusalem), to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity (a sacrificial offering), ….” (Dan. 9:24).

Then we discover that the texts foretell Messiah will be the sacrificial offering.

  1. “…the Messiah will be cut off (the crucifixion event) and have nothing…” (Dan. 9:26).

Then the passages show that someone in the future would destroy both Jerusalem and the temple. Just as important, there is a sequence as the destruction of the Jerusalem area happens after the Messiah had died as a sacrificial offering.

  1. “… and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary (the temple)” (Dan. 9:26).

If you review the numbers from one to three above, we summarize the three sacrificial issues, which have not been completely understood.

  1. Make atonement for sin (Dan. 9:24) is the reason for the prophecy.
  2. Messiah will be cut off (the crucifixion of Jesus foretold in Dan. 9:26)
  3. Herod’s temple used for sacrificial services destroyed (Dan. 9:26)
    What was the use/purpose of Herod’s Temple?

For sure, Jewish people built that temple for the spiritual purpose of sacrificial offerings, which results in the forgiveness of sins. In Christianity, Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice foretold in Daniel’s time-based prophetic words (Dan. 9:24, 26). Could it be that the destruction of Herod’s Temple on the 14,000th day validates Jesus’ sacrificial death and supernatural resurrection?

Consider that the three items related to sacrificial offering show the coherence of Daniel’s time-based prophecy. Destruction of Herod’s Temple on the final 14,000th day confirms Jesus’ death on the cross and supernatural resurrection. Are you ready to discover eternal life?

This research reveals that the time-based texts in Daniel foretold of the specific incident of Romans burning down Herod’s Temple on an exact date, centuries into the future. No one can predict specific future events that will happen at a definite time, hundreds of years into the future. What can we learn from this evidence?

For sure, to foretell future events to an exact date, hundreds of years into the future could only come from a transcendent Being. Therefore, the logical answer is that Daniel’s words are from God, who exists outside the realm of space-time and knows all future events.

Also, to destroy Herod’s Temple on an exact date, 14,000 days into the future requires God-like influence over humans. Therefore, we find evidence of the spiritual realm influencing events on planet Earth. If you want to know why this would happen, then please read the Expect to Live Forever books.

Why Foretelling Specific Events on an Exact Date from Centuries before, is Important?

In Islam, the Qur’an claims that Jesus did not get crucified. How does the Qur’an compare to Daniel’s time-based texts?

Since the Qur’an does not foretell of specific events that will occur on precise dates, centuries into the future, we discern that the Qur’an comes from a being locked inside time and space. Logic demands that we declare that Allah, as revealed in the Qur’an, is a spiritual deceiver. What truly makes this stand out is the fact that the Qur’an emphatically denies Jesus ever got on the cross.

Scriptures that foretell of specific future events to occur on precise times, centuries into the future must come from a Being, who exists outside the control of time and space. Now we can discern and isolate spiritual truth for the End-Times. This evidence shows the weak footing of non-Christian worldviews. This knowledge provides a foundation for global evangelism relative to all other belief systems.

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