John Zachary writes Inspirational Christian Mystery. These mysteries are based on two ideas. First, his spiritual experiences that began at age twenty. Second, that Daniel’s time-based prophecy foretold of specific future events that had to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future. No one can foretell the future with great precision. Therefore, we have evidence of a Being that transcends the universe. 

How can we know the precise day on which an ancient event occurred?

Zachary uses logic, the exact science of astronomy, and the writings of ancient authors that are validated by the positions of the sun, the moon and the Earth, as well as using ancient astronomy recorded by Babylonian astronomers to corroborate the details of this research. When this is done and analyzed for each foretold event, we logically conclude that we have scientific evidence for a Being who transcends the universe and knows all future events in great detail.

John’s methods lead to profound conclusions. God exists and you can expect to live forever! All based on using logic, historical events, and biblical texts that predict specific future events will occur on an exact date, centuries into the future.

Such knowledge lets us discern what is spiritually correct!

Moreover, John Zachary’s research uncovers events that require God-like control of humans.  As a result, future events happen on an exact date in the distant future. We find this information relates to events with spiritual meaning. For example, both Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple were destroyed on the 14,000th day in the time-based texts of the Bible. For sure, temples were constructed for spiritual purposes. For example, priests sacrificed animals to obtain forgiveness of a person’s sins. Why were both temples burned down on the 14,000th day?

Perhaps you know of facts related to burning down both Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple that suggest God-like control of each event.

Did you know that soldiers burned down Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple on the same day of the week, a Sunday?

Did you know that each temple burned down on the tenth day of the fifth Hebrew month call Av?

John explains these mysteries. Then he enriches the mysteries with spiritual experiences. The ultimate conclusion reveals that “You can expect to live forever!”

Zachary writes a book series titled: “Expect to Live Forever!”

John Zachary graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in mathematics and history-education. He also applies insightful knowledge as an aerospace reliability engineer to probe the spiritual realm.