Why do a Book Review?

By reviewing the “Expect to Live Forever” books, YOU Can Make A Difference! Customer reviews are the most powerful tool when it comes to getting attention for the Expect to Live Forever books. When someone goes to Amazon to buy a book, they usually will read the reviews of that book on Amazon. People want to know if other people are reading the books and to check out what people are saying. If a lot of people are buying the books and writing reviews, then people are likely going to buy the book to learn about eternal life.

Social approval based on the number of reviews influences people on making their decision. Other people do gain value from your views. Imagine, your review could help other people to receive eternal life!

To create a viable review, two things need to be met.

1: You must purchase the book in any format
2: To write a review, you must have purchased a minimum of $50 of stuff (other things besides books is acceptable) from Amazon in the past year. If you purchase any of the books, please write an honest review.

Please leave an honest review on Amazon, letting me know what you thought of this book.

I would love to hear what you have to say. If you would like to read the reviews, click on the link below. At Amazon, move toward the lower part of the page to read “Customer Reviews”