How does the Covid-19 virus fit into biblical prophecy?

The synoptic gospels would classify Covid-19 as pestilence in regards to signs of the times. Diseases happen over and over again. A list of signs that happen over and over again include earthquakes, famines, diseases, wars, rumors of war, and suffering for your faith in Christ.

However, each synoptic gospel has a sign that only happens one time. The single sign in the gospel of Luke occurred in 1967 in the Six-Day war. When Israel regained control of Jerusalem, that event fulfilled Luke 21:24b. If you study what Luke wrote, you learn you must prepare for the return of Christ. You may be intrigued that 14,000 days into the future from the Six-day War event, the Feast of Trumpets took place. This feast symbolizes the Second Coming of Christ! The 14,000 days alignment of the two events supports that God is active, controlling high-level incidents in the 21st century.

In contrast with Luke, the one sign in the gospels of Mark and Matthew is very different. The sign recorded in the writings of Matthew and Mark will occur in the future at a time we cannot know. We live in an unknown time in the prophetic landscape. People who believe in the rapture of the church would agree with this research based on historical events.

Evidence of a Transcendent Being

Do you want to know how to discern spiritual truth in the end times?

The research unveils information with a new approach to showing that Islam, Atheism, and all non-Christian views stand upon weak footings. I would expect those beliefs to become obsolete. Why?

I write that since the research indicates that the time-based texts in Daniel foretold of specific events that would occur on a precise date, centuries into the future. For example, Daniel’s time-based passages foretell of Roman armies burning down Herod’s Temple that happened on Sunday, August 5, AD 70. Since the Dead Sea Scrolls have eight copies of Daniel and the oldest copy dates to 125 BC, we know the time-based texts foretold the future from many centuries prior. People who accept God hold to the view that Daniel wrote by 530 BC. Rationalist that reject God think that someone wrote Daniel in 165 BC. Regardless of which view you take; the future destruction of Herod’s Temple happens 235 to 600 years into the future.

However, what makes this stand out is the fact that Herod’s Temple burned down by Roman armies on the final 14,000th day in the time-based texts that foretell the future. The evidence shows and supports that the destruction of Herod’s Temple appears to be an event controlled by God. Why?

The primary purpose of the time-based prophecy is that the Messiah will die as a sacrificial offering. What was the use/purpose of Herod’s Temple?

For sure, Jewish people built that temple for the spiritual purpose of sacrificial offerings, which results in the forgiveness of sins. In Christianity, Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice foretold in Daniel’s time-based prophetic words (Dan. 9:24). Could it be that the destruction of Herod’s Temple on the 14,000th day validates Jesus’ sacrificial death and supernatural resurrection?

This research reveals that the time-based texts in Daniel foretold of the specific incident of Romans burning down Herod’s Temple on an exact date, centuries into the future. No one can predict specific future events that will happen on a definite time, hundreds of years into the future. What can we learn from this evidence?

For sure, to foretell future events to an exact date, hundreds of years into the future could only come from a transcendent Being. Therefore, the logical answer is that Daniel’s words are from God, who exists outside the realm of space-time and knows all future events.

In Islam, the Qur’an claims that Jesus did not get crucified. How does the Qur’an compare to Daniel’s time-based texts?

Since the Qur’an does not foretell of specific events that will occur on precise dates, centuries into the future, we discern that the Qur’an comes from a being locked inside time and space. Logic demands that we declare that Allah, as revealed in the Qur’an, is a spiritual deceiver. What truly makes this stand out is the fact that the Qur’an emphatically denies Jesus ever got on the cross.

Scriptures that foretell of specific future events to occur on precise times, centuries into the future must come from a Being, who exists outside the control of time and space. Now we can discern and isolate spiritual truth for the End-Times. This evidence shows the weak footing of non-Christian worldviews. This knowledge provides a foundation for global evangelism relative to all other belief systems.

Regardless, it appears that the church, in general, is losing ground to the world. For example, consider that 70% of Christian youth that attend college lose their faith. Why is this happening?

You will find a credible answer that will retain the faith of Christian youth in the following research/spiritual books that isolate spiritual truth. Consider book two in the Expect to Live Forever book series, titled Eternal Life – Why you should expect to live forever (e-book)

Or book three in the Expect to Live Forever book series based on the Christian classic, The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson published in 1894. The research materials validate Sir Robert Anderson’s research. However, the research materials surpass Sir Robert Anderson.

I would ask that Christians download, read the research, and please write an honest review. The cost is minimal, and the outcome is priceless. Instead of losing 70% of Christian youth to non-Christian view, the inverse would become possible. Will you join the fight?