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Why you should expect to live forever!


Discover time-based texts that foretold the future of specific events to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future. Scientific dating events and use of biblical calculations reveal God-like control of high-level spiritual events.


Expected release date January 19, 2020.

Discover why you should expect to live forever!

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Can We Know That God Exists?

We live in a time when all we hear is that religion and science do not get along. At the extreme level, so-called scientific atheists claim that God does not exist!
Consider this key question.
Isn’t there any science-based data to prove that God is dead?
The correct answer is no. If that data were available, every scientist would be an atheist!
Perhaps you are thinking, “Just show me an example of a world-class scientist that is Christian?”
Dr. John Polkinghorne is an excellent example. He taught at the University of Cambridge. He wrote five books on physics. More to the point, he wrote another twenty-six books on how science and faith go together. He played a role in finding the subatomic particle called a quark. You may be surprised to know that he has a strong belief in Jesus rising from the dead!
Why would scientists believe in God and miracles?
Brilliant people will continue to believe in God. In fact, as you read into this book, you will learn that Atheism logically leads to a supernatural realm. Why?
To validate your worldview, you must show how the source of the universe is eternal. However, Atheism only accepts the natural realm. Therefore, the natural realm must be eternal, but known science reveals that all natural things stop working. Atheism cannot solve this major problem. In fact, Atheism relies on huge amounts of blind faith in the impossible!
In contrast, the supernatural realm will never stop working. In this book, we will see how known science and logic unveil the spiritual realm. That a supernatural realm is required to explain the universe and the fact that the universe is dying. More on this later.

This chapter introduces you to three methods that unveil the spiritual world. Before I write about that, it is crucial to grasp that we must have data of some type. Because data lets us know that the spiritual world is a fact, just like the air we breathe!

Some people may not like using the word “fact” for the spiritual realm. Another way of saying this would be that the data suggests the spiritual realm is factual. We study the data to find out if we can have confidence in our conclusions. If we have confidence in the spiritual realm, then we must also answer the question. “What is faith?”

Method One: Texts that Foretell the Future
Do you think it is possible to write words on paper that will predict the future? Not the events that will take place in the next hour or the next minute, but centuries later. For example, “What will happen in three hundred years? Also what will be the military action on that day?”

Of course, this is not possible for beings such as ourselves. Or aliens in spaceships, if they exist! Also, it is not possible for unseen spiritual beings such as angels or demons! For sure, not even the Archangel Gabriel would know the future as some may think! Because time and space do not let created beings know the future. Creatures, in contrast with the Creator, do not have access to events in the distant future. Time controls everything that creatures do.

Only the Creator can foretell the future. In this book, we find the details that strongly support, even verify, that “time-based” texts predict specific events that occur on a precise date, centuries into the future.

Moreover, we discover that foretold events have unique high-level spiritual meanings. These events teach us about the spiritual realm and require the event to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future. A summary would mean at least four things about this transcendent Being.

Author of Inspirational Christian Mysteries with degrees in Math, History, and Education. His work skills include Technical Writer and aerospace Reliability Engineer. In contrast with his earthly skills, he writes mysteries linked to many thousands of spiritual experiences that began at twenty years of age. The most profound incident is a secret about the book of Revelation that he kept to himself for three decades.

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