Why New Atheism Credibility Fails

New Atheism claims that evolution explains everything. They believe that life on Earth is the result of solar energy aiding the weakest of cells to begin, then to evolve. However, there are two issues that the new Atheism cannot answer. Here is the primary problem. “Evolution is pointless without a universe!” For sure, evolution cannot happen without the universe. Ponder that Stephen Hawking claimed to have a solution to this problem. Also, he based his view on imagination only. As you read this information, you will discover a human error in Stephen Hawking’s daydream, which he called the no-boundary universe. We logically ask, please reveal, “How did the universe begin?” To date, every Atheist attempt fails to give a credible answer. Evidence and logic point to a supernatural domain. Can we prove the spiritual reality? If true, would we expect to find evidence of a transcendent Being that can foretell the future?

Stephen Hawking New Atheism adherent imagined the no-boundary universe. However, Stephen Hawking's view contains human error based on known and verifiable science. New Atheism led to Stephen Hawking's deception. Read Secrets - never heard until now - of the Book of Revelation as I write about Stephen Hawking's soul as it rose out of his deceased body.
Stephen Hawking – flaws in the no-boundary universe hypothesis

The Atheist Quest to find an Eternal Natural Universe

Atheism requires a natural universe to be eternal. In contrast, known science will never support a never-ending cosmos. For example, the sun will stop emitting light in the distant future. Indeed, every heavenly light will also stop producing light. The universe has an expiration date. We learn that the top-level Atheist thinkers want you to believe in an eternal natural world, equal to God. The natural universe must be immortal!

What if there are other natural universes that will never be seen? (NOTE: Even though no one will ever observe even the entirety of the only known cosmos)!

Whether you agree or not, science reveals that all natural universes cannot sustain themselves. Albert Einstein would agree!

New Atheism cannot answer the rank one level issue. “How did the universe begin?”

Maybe atheists will find an answer to the second rank issue. If you ever find the answer, please provide the test data that proves non-living matter self-assembled into living cells! More than six decades of research show that scientists continue in their failed attempts. We only hear one thing. “We are in the dark!”

Let’s be sure you understand! The rank two-level problem requires an answer. “How did non-living matter self-assemble into living cells?”

Finally, the rank three-level view is that evolution explains life on Earth. However, if we find no answers for the rank one and two levels, then the rank three-level would be a pipe dream.

Explaining life on the Earth with evolution only, requires blind faith. We discern it is a feeble viewpoint due to the rank one and rank two level problems. Even if scientists had data to validate that evolution explains life on Earth, the rank one issue would remain unanswered forever. The bottom line is that every natural thing comes to an end.

Let me remind you, evolution is pointless without a universe.

Expect to Live Forever Book Series!

In contrast with Atheism, we know that the supernatural realm is eternal. Scientific data and principles support the following premise.

The natural universe cannot exist without a supernatural realm!

Both logic and science-based data strongly suggest that you read John Zachary’s “Expect to Live Forever” book series. This series reveals the evidence that you can expect to live forever! Indeed, we find evidence equal to finding life under the microscope. Why?

Scientific dating Daniel’s time-based prophecy shows that the passages foretold of specific events to occur on an exact date, hundreds of years into the future. Also, the analysis reveals God-like control of humans to cause specific future events to occur on exact dates. Hence, we unveil evidence of transcendent knowledge that can only be explained by a transcendent Being! I must add, proof lies in tasting of the spiritual realm. That is why I wrote, “Secrets – never heard until now – of the Book of Revelation.”

We define “FAITH” as the inability to set up a science-based experiment to prove that God exists or that God does not exist. In contrast, foretelling of specific events that will occur on an exact date, centuries into the future, is the method that does not require a scientific experiment. The underlying reason is that no created entity can foretell the future for specific events to occur on an exact date, centuries into the future.

Stephen Hawking’s Flawed “No-Boundary Universe” Hypothesis

Atheists believe, without evidence, that evolution explains life on the Earth. At an extreme level, Stephen Hawking used circular reasoning to arrive at the belief that God does not exist.

To do this, Mr. Hawking imagined the existence of a so-called “no-boundary universe” that must be infinite and eternal. In new atheism thought, this would be the natural universe that is equal to God. Then this eternal and infinite universe must create multitudes of other worlds to explain the only known universe in which we exist. Are there any flaws in Stephen Hawking’s thoughts?

If the no-boundary universe exists, then each time it creates another world, it will lose some of its energy and mass. In contrast with losing energy and mass, time into eternity past will not be affected by the creation of other worlds.

Time is the archenemy of the no-boundary universe idea. Time into eternity past is credible. However, losses of energy and mass into eternity past will not hold up. Therefore, infinite time into eternity past reveals the flaw in the no-boundary hypothesis. Put a different way; no one will debate time into eternity past, but the loss of energy and mass into eternity past is debatable.

As a result, the no-boundary universe will be dying. Logic and science-based data reveal the no-boundary cosmos has limits. Science-based data and principles support that the no-boundary world would run down, just like our sun.

Every logical person can conclude that only time is limitless. Therefore, human error is the flaw in Stephen Hawking’s thoughts, which rely entirely on imagination!

Also, we have absolutely zero data to support what Stephen Hawking proposed as a replacement for God. If you want the evidence that validates you should expect to live forever, please read John Zachary’s book series entitled “Expect to Live Forever!”