The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson laid a solid foundation to understanding Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy. However scholars claim the research to be flawed. In contrast, recent discoveries in the Mishnah combined with scientific dating validates The Coming Prince and Sir Robert Anderson’s studies.

Book three, Beyond – The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson, includes math, graphs, charts, ancient astronomy, and many appendices that validate Sir Robert Anderson as well as The Coming Prince. If you have read this book, then the Beyond book is the ideal choice you would likely enjoy.

The Details

Corroborates Sir Robert Anderson’s research using information from the Mishnah and validated by ancient astronomy. Then Zachary takes Sir Robert Anderson’s ideas to new heights. We find repeatability in biblical texts that begin with Moses and Joshua and currently terminate in the twenty-first century.

An eye opening read for those who have been taught that Sir Robert Anderson was wrong. In fact, The Coming Prince is a valuable resource related to the end times.

Book Cover with Title: Beyond, The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson