No one can predict what will happen on an exact date, centuries into the future.

However, the Eternal Life book contains evidence that biblical passages did predict events to occur on exact dates, hundreds of years into the future. We refer to these texts as Daniel’s 70-weeks prophecy.

How do we know the texts foretold the future?

Consider that the oldest copy of Daniel comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls. That copy is dated to 125 BC. The passages foretell of an event that happened in AD 70. The Key event that confirms the texts foretold the future comes from knowing the precise date for Romans burning down Herod’s Temple.

When did Daniel record the texts on paper?

Some biased people think the texts did not foretell the future. These people think the passages were recorded in 165 BC. If that is true, the burning down of Herod’s Temple happened 235 years into the future. Their bias sticks out like a sore thumb since that viewpoint is obviously not true.

If you accept the biblical texts, those passages make the claim that Daniel recorded the texts after 538 BC. In this viewpoint, Herod’s Temple burned down 608 years into the future.

Therefore, if you are logical, the texts did foretell the precise event of Romans burning down Herod’s Temple, hundreds of years into the future.

You may think, “So what!

Are you ready for the Twilight Zone facts?

If you read this book, you will discover that it is very easy to find the precise date on which Romans burned down Herod’s Temple. Zachary calculated the precise date back in 1986.

A literature search reveals that scholars living at the time of Napoleon in the eighteenth century correctly isolated the date occurring on Sunday, August 5, AD 70. Logic, eyewitness accounts, and the exact science of astronomy validate this date. Moreover, many modern day scholars agree with this precise date!

This event turns out to be extremely thought-provoking. Because we will find that when all of Daniel’s prophecy is analyzed with precision, we stumble on the idea that God had to control events to cause the Roman destruction to happen on that exact date.

As Zachary has continued this research, he has even found that divine command of weather occurred.

The complete analysis reveals the texts of Daniel have hidden a precise period of 14,000 days in the “time-oriented” prophetic passages. Consider that the destruction of both Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple occurred on the final 14,000th day, which strongly supports human activities were controlled by a supernatural Being that transcends time. At the center of the time-oriented texts, we discover the historical personality, Jesus the Messiah, whom biblical texts proclaim died as the lamb of God, then arose from the dead.

If you question the Bible, the materials in Eternal Life bring the biblical texts alive from the time of Moses into the 21st century. Are you prepared to discover that ultimate reality is spiritual?

The phenomenon of the repeating 14,000 days sequences hidden deep in biblical texts until the modern era isolates what is real and what is false about every belief system on planet Earth. Will your personal beliefs prove viable when you look into the eyewitness accounts, the exact science of astronomy, and the use of logic to find spiritual truth?

The texts in Daniel show they are unique and require a Being that transcends time and space. Therefore, we conclude:

There is only ONE BEING who can predict what will happen on an exact date, centuries into the future!” This knowledge behooves us to study to greater depth!

If God controlled events in ancient times, are you willing to discover that current events are also ordered, even as you read these texts?

Are you ready to discover knowledge and wisdom that leads to eternal life?