Are players depicted in the book of Revelation out in force today? Is it time for unveiling the apocalypse for the Earth? Discover apocalyptic answers to this question in Secrets -never heard until now- of the book of Revelation! Is it possible that someone was chosen before birth for unveiling the apocalypse? From the perspective of the author, whether the person likes it or not, they were born to be a prophet? The book, Secrets of the book of Revelation unveils information that many have been asking God for a lifetime…

In contrast, others choose to live in a world of denial. Should you have any curiosity or questions regarding the possibility of eternal life, Secrets of the book of Revelation is a great find. Would you dare to read this inspirational Christian mystery?

Consider some unique sentences hidden inside this cutting edge, off the beaten path literature.

Inspiration to Change Your Life

The supernatural realm is the world of miracles and dreams come true!

Would a prophet experience extreme levels of being spiritually anointed?

Consider the graphic for “Anointed Brain” spiritual experience!

secrets of the anointed brain for a prophet of the book of Revelation also known as the apocalypse

Would a prophet have extreme levels of spiritual experiences, such as profound and deep healing experiences?

Healing Experience awaken prophet of the book of Revelation

I spent years in deep thought about the anointing.


Are you prepared for destruction that only nuclear weapons could make happen?

Nuclear weapons, created in the modern-era, are capable destroying entire cities. Consider texts recorded on paper more than 2,700 years ago.

At evening time, behold, terror,
Before morning they are no more…
Isaiah 17:1,14

You are one of the prophets of _____________

Are you ready for the apocalypse?

the apocalypse will include the use of nuclear weapons and appears to be likely based on a prophet of the book of Revelation

Listening to the Holy Spirit

This is a logical, historical and biblical thing!

Maybe I received the gift of knowledge when my brain got anointed …