Book #4:
Chapter 1 begins with the Psychic Bird Story, which reveals the reality of spiritual beings that want to deceive you spiritually. Release planned for Summer 2020 but could be postponed. Non-fiction events that unveil the spiritual realm and the fact that you can expect to live forever.

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Across two millennia, the book of Revelation seems to have lain in a deep crypt, shrouded by its riveting mysteries. At times, some Christian leaders declared it should not be in the Bible. Have you been waiting for the day that the Holy Spirit would shock the world and validate its mysterious texts? Would you dare to read the deep secrets hidden in this Inspirational Christian Mystery? (However, some people call this The Twilight Zone)

Does your life have meaning? Are your friends losing their faith? Do you fear death? Open your heart and mind to the reality of the spiritual realm. Discover why you should expect to live forever!

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Author of Inspirational Christian Mysteries with degrees in Math, History, and Education. His work skills include Technical Writer and aerospace Reliability Engineer. In contrast with his earthly skills, he writes mysteries linked to many thousands of spiritual experiences that began at twenty years of age. The most profound incident is a secret about the book of Revelation that he kept to himself for three decades.